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8 Email Automations to set up for your E-commerce Business

I often get asked what kind of emails e-comm businesses should have set up to increase their revenue and automate processes.

I usually would get this set up in stages, to get the ball rolling on a few basic automations then add in a few more as needed. There are so many different automations you can set up for your e-commerce business, and I have upskilled in Klaviyo to become a Klaviyo Partner, and it is my first choice for e-commerce businesses as their integration with (in particular) Shopify and Woo-commerce is a game changer for ease of use and function. I recommend setting up the following automations:

1. Welcome Series - newsletter subscribers A welcome series for new subscribers to your email list or newsletter list, welcome them with a 3 step process - a basic welcome to the list, a second email giving information about your business, and then show some products!

2. Abandon Cart Series

An abandon cart series targets the potential customers who have added items to their shopping cart and then exited the site, to entice them to return to your website and complete their purchase. Some sellers like to offer a discount after sending a few emails in the case that price is a barrier. 3. Product Abandonment

Similar to an abandon cart, a product abandonment email targets the potential customers who were browsing a product but did NOT add to cart, and did not purchase anything from your website. A product abandonment email might say something like "were you looking at me??" to entice them to return to your website and complete their purchase. 4. CrossSell / UpSell

A cross sell / upsell email sequence targets customers who have purchased from your website, and are now being offered similar products to entice them to return and become repeat purchasers.

5. New Customer Welcome Series

A new customer welcome sequence is just that - Welcoming new customers (purchasers) to your website. These emails might give a bit of a background about your business, what your purpose is, show some products, or even offer a discount code or free shipping for being a valued customer. 6. Repeat / VIP Customer Series

A repeat or VIP customer sequence might send special news. updates or offers to your most valued customers (based on number of purchases or spend level). Showing your customers that you value their business. 7. Product Inventory Updates

Set up product inventory updates to be triggered based on stock levels or when popular items are back in stock (perhaps you have a button to click when an item is sold out or coming soon, and customers would like to be notified when is available for purchase again). This sequence can provide a sense of urgency to customers to buy now or miss out again!

8. Survey / Feedback Emails.

Set up an automated survey / feedback email to be sent XX days after purchase for customers to review. This is very important for e-commerce to have reviews of products and your level of service!

There are SO. MANY. MORE possibilities to set up, especially with a dedicated e-commerce email marketing platform such as Klaviyo.

Are you in e-comm? Have you got some of these set up?

If this is all completely overwhelming and foreign to you, I'm happy to pop in and have a look at your setup and see where you could be automating your processes, reach out via the button below and book in a chat! If you are a service based business, I also partner with Active Campaign and Mailerlite to provide a seamless integration with lead generation for your business!

*Some links are affiliate links where I may receive a incentive if you sign up to a paid plan via my links

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