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about us.

Helping you grow your small business 
by taking tech off your plate.


Jac & Co Digital started [originally as Virtually Jac] in 2021, as a service to assist motivated business owners with marketing tech in their service based businesses. 

In the past 3 years, we have enjoyed building beautiful, functional online courses & websites for our clients, and generating thousands of new leads for our clients via Facebook Ads.

We also have completed an absurd number of 'tech-fix-its' - (not an official service however something we are super good at and help our clients out with!) 

So now, we have evolved & refined our service offerings for 2024 and we are so excited to continue providing our high level marketing tech and automation services to current and new clients! 

Jac & Co specialises in Marketing Automations & Advertising Management for your service based business.

You are great at what you do.

"Tech stuff" is our thing.

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About Jac  

Director (& Self Confessed Marketing Tech Nerd)

My foray into Advertising began in 2005 as a Cadet at The Sydney Morning Herald, (before there was even a 'digital ads' department) and since then I've worked in Marketing & Advertising roles for over 10 years, in Sydney, Brisbane & London, and as an Virtual Marketing & Office Manager in Abu Dhabi (wayyyy before virtual roles were common place!)

Now, as a mum of 3 kids, and on the never-ending quest to find balance in work and family life, I understand how incredibly important it is to focus in on your zone of genius and offload (where possible!) what doesn't bring you joy (*or profit)

My personal mission is to work with fellow business owners who 'don't quite get' the tech stack needed to run their biz.  

Now, I am terrible at keeping Instagram up to date, and I have been known to send 5 minute long voice notes, however I'm unashamed to say I'm great at the tech stuff and will get you & your business under control.

My personal motivation is to help fellow small businesses grow.

Collaboration over Competition

 We work collaboratively with fellow business owners who are motivated and driven. We help get your systems, advertising and automations running smoothly & provide tailored solutions that drive tangible results. 


One of our core values at Jac & Co Digital is integrity, and we will happily refer you to another trusted & vetted business if we don't align or it means a better outcome for you. 

Our mission is to help fellow small business owners grow.
 We can take you through the whole funnel journey [or just part of the way]:  from concepts, strategy, landing pages, email sequences... through to selling your amazing online course via ads (that hopefully we helped set up!).

Jacki has been an amazing assistance to my business. No question was too big or too small, and not only did she help me to solve my tech problem I was having in setting up email marketing, but she also went above and beyond to record videos to explain it to me as well. She is also super friendly and approachable, and stretched herself to fit me in at such a busy time of the year, which made the whole process just that much easier! Thank you Jacki for your assistance!

Ash @careerpursuit

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Are you an online business needing help with your marketing tech?

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