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How to use Dubsado as a CRM in a service based business.

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

If you're on the lookout for a game-changing CRM that streamlines your business processes and simplifies your client management, then look no further than Dubsado. We have been using Dubsado in our business for over 2 years now, and we LOVE that it allows us to have an automated, transparent process with our leads and current clients. No big surprises here!

Let's dive into how we use Dubsado in our own business, and explore the reasons why this all-in-one business management solution could be the secret sauce your business needs!

A Personalized Client Experience

Imagine creating an experience that wows your clients from the get-go. Dubsado allows you to craft personalised client portals, custom forms, and branded invoices that scream professionalism. From the moment your clients interact with your business, they're greeted with a seamless, cohesive experience that reflects your brand.

Time-Saving Automation

Time is so precious, right? Dubsado understands that. With its automation features, you can kiss repetitive tasks goodbye. Set up workflows to automate everything from sending proposals and contracts to scheduling appointments and follow-ups. You'll free up valuable time to focus on what truly matters—growing your business. Our favourite workflow is the onboarding flow which is triggered when you fill in our contact form (embedded on our Wix site) and you continue in there all the way through signing your contract and filling out your onboarding questionnaire!

Integrated Finances

Handling payments and keeping track of finances can be a headache for small businesses - we use Dubsado for our invoicing as it integrates seamlessly with our proposals and contracts and we can based workflow triggers off payment plans and if invoices are paid (or not!). We have Stripe and Paypal integrated for clients who prefer to pay by card and our clients are also able to enroll in automated payment schedules if they are on payment plans! We have late payment reminders that automatically go out from our 'accounts' department as well, with a friendly reminder & links to pay.

Client Communication

Effective communication is key, and Dubsado helps us nail it. Send professional emails, keep track of conversations, and manage client inquiries—all within the platform. Your clients will feel valued and heard, and you'll build stronger relationships effortlessly. We also have automated client testimonial workflow set up to make sure that we are keeping in touch & collecting those all-important review after we have finished projects.

Flexibility and Customization

Every business is unique, and Dubsado gets that. It's super flexible and customizable to fit your specific needs. Our templates, forms and invoices are all tailored to match our brand's vibe.


Dubsado plays nicely with other apps and tools you already use. We personally use Zapier to integrate Dubsado with Google Drive; Slack; Mailerlite & Clickup. Would you like to know our process? When a prospective lead fills in an enquiry form, they get added to a Mailerlite group "clients" (so they are in our list but don't get marketing emails) When a lead becomes a client (ie. contract signed) the tech works in the background and... - a new folder is created in Google Drive under client's name;

- a new folder is created in Clickup with a project management list from template

- slack channel is created

How good is tech!?


In a nutshell, Dubsado isn’t just a CRM; it definately makes our business run smoothly without headaches so we can focus on what you do best—makes our business thrive.

So, are you ready to take your business to the next level with Dubsado? Pssst.... You can get a sneaky 20% discount with our code by clicking on the below button or using code JACANDCODIGITAL at checkout!

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