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Welcome to Jac's Chat about all things Marketing and Ads

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

I'm so glad you are here!

Hello all. I'm Jac, aka Virtually Jac. I started Virtually Jac as a Virtual Assistant service in 2021, after a lengthy maternity break, with a truck load of transferrable skills, but a very small amount of confidence that I could run my own business, and I wasn't really sure about my levels of expertise. My background prior to this was in Advertising Sales and Marketing, with a stint as an International Cabin Crew with Emirates [side note, AMAZING JOB but not family friendly!] and then back into Marketing, Office Management and PA jobs around kids. I hadn't worked extensively in the world of Digital Ads/ Marketing as my background was in Print and Strategy rather than implementation. BUT. I fell into the digital marketing, lead generation, online courses and ad world and I haven't stopped learning ever since.

I found my area of passion and expertise. So now I focus on working with small business owners and marketing/ad agency owners with Email Marketing, Lead Gen, Paid Ads and Online Courses. I also have a lot of tips and tricks and education to offer, and I do love a chat, so I write and post on here about various topics that can educate and assist others!

Anyway. Enough about me, I'd LOVE to know who you are and how you stumbled across my little slice of the inter-webs, leave me a comment below or connect on social via the links below.

If you are here because you'd love to chat about how I can assist you in your business growth, click the button below to find a time to have an online Coffee / Chat with me.

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